Vapor composition and safety issues of E cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity among many people. They are considered as a tool that helps people to quit smoking. E-cigs entered into the market less than a decade ago, and more and more people are adopting them as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

ecigcompositionManufacturers are exploiting this potential to unveil a variety of brands and flavors to entice their potential customers. All e-cigs are battery operated and contains liquid that is converted to vapor which is directly inhaled into the lungs of the user. The liquid contains various ingredients that include:

Propylene Glycol
This ingredient is commonly used in products like cosmetics and toothpaste. It has anti-microbial properties and used for keeping the moisture of foods. In e-cig, it forms a base that creates vapor that is inhaled.

Extracted from vegetables, Glycerin is used to make the vapor appear thicker. Some people prefer using e-cig that contains glycerin while others prefer propylene glycol. Therefore, manufacturers can mix the two in specific proportions depending on the taste of the users.

This is the main ingredient in the e – cig, which makes people enjoy smoking. However, nicotine is optional in e-cig and few people use nicotine free e-cigs. The user has an option of buying e-cig liquid of different concentration of nicotine. Some researchers assert that nicotine is dangerous while others assert that it is similar to caffeine. The truth of the matter is that all chemicals used in manufacturing e-cig liquid makes nicotine dangerous to smoke. Pure nicotine can make the users have relaxed feelings.

Some few manufacturers add water to e-cigarette solutions. This helps to increase the viscosity and make the solution easier to handle. It constitutes of less 10% of the concentration of the e-cig liquid.

This is one of the most important aspect of electronic cigarettes that gives users a choice and varies with different brands of e-cig. Some users prefer solutions that resemble the flavors of tobacco while others choose other flavors. Menthol is a flavor that is common and favorite among e-cig users. Other flavors include caramel, chocolate, coffee, candy, cotton, bubble gum, mint, strawberry, and lemon.

Safety issues of electronic cigarettes
The health benefits of e-cig have raised a lot of controversy among regulatory bodies. There are not enough studies to ascertain the safety of the product. However, some people claim that e-cig is a tool, which helps individuals to quit smoking. Large-scale studies have not been done to prove this claim.

In conclusion, e-cig has a major role to play and we should not put if off altogether. You can get started with our free e cigarette offers today.

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