How E Cigs Work

Electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as E cigs are a smokeless alternative for tobacco smokers to consume nicotine. E cigs come in various sizes and color depending on the brand.

Basically, Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that have been designed to turn liquid nicotine solution into vapor for consumption. E cigs are made up of a number of tiny parts, each designed to contribute towards making the device feel and perform as much as possible like the ordinary cigarette. Despite being designed to look like the common tobacco cigarette, these devices do not require any flame in order to perform their function.

Common features of the E cig include: a nicotine cartridge, a small heating coil, an electric sensor, a microprocessor, a battery and an LED light.

The cartridge has to be filled first and the battery fully charged for the device to be functional. The cigarette is activated when the smoker takes a drag at the device through a small opening on the 'filter' end of the cigarette.

The electronic sensor, also located at the filter section detects this airflow and turns the microprocessor on. The sensor transmits the data to the microprocessor every time the smoker puffs the cigarette.

The micro processor's sole function is to control the LED light at the 'burning' tip of the cigarette and also to regulate the amount of heat emitted by the micro heater. The microprocessor responds by turning on the heater to a pre-set temperature.

The heater, which is usually located in the middle of the nicotine cartridge, vaporizes the nicotine solution to emit a gentle tobacco-like stream of vapor through a small opening at the tip of the cigarette's filter section.

The LED light at the 'burning' tip of the cigarette only serves to show the smoker that the battery is properly charged and functional.
Unlike ordinary cigarettes which have to be finished in one session, the electronic cigarette may be used sparingly and preserved for later depending on the smoker's desire, thus making the long term cost of the Electronic cigarette a lot lower than that of regular ones.

Since the batteries in Electronic cigarettes are rechargeable, E cigs usually come with a battery charger. E cigs are purchased with refillable nicotine cartridges.

The E cig is intended to be a healthier substitute for the ordinary tobacco cigarette because a lot of the chemicals present in ordinary cigarettes have been eliminated in E cigs.