There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about what exactly electronic cigarettes are and what they actually do. It doesn't help that there are a few sites out there that are giving misleading information about them. If you are interested in learning what an electronic cigarette is and what are some of the benefits, are for using them, then keep reading. In this E cigarette FAQs, we are going to be discussing how an electronic cigarette actually function, if an electronic cigarette actually contains any tobacco and exactly how long an electronic cigarette cartridge lasts. After your done reading this E cigarette FAQs, you'll have no doubts as to what an electronic cigarette is and what it can do for you.

The most commonly asked questions, concerning electronic cigarettes, is how exactly does an E cigarette work? An E cigarette is an electronic device that operates by vaporizing a small cartridge of liquid nicotine. Embedded in the electronic cigarette itself is a battery operated atomizer that turns me tiny amount of the liquid nicotine into a breathable mist. This vaporized nicotine is what you're smoking. The benefit of this is that, just like with an ordinary cigarette, you feel the effects of nicotine within seconds. Plus you're able to avoid all the nasty additions like tar and carbon monoxide that's normally associated with cigarettes. That leads us to our next question, do electronic cigarettes contain any actual tobacco?

The answer to this question is no, electronic cigarettes don't contain any actual tobacco. What you are actually "smoking" is the vaporized nicotine from your cigarette cartridge. This way you get all the benefits of smoking a cigarette without the carcinogenics normally found in tobacco smoke. The vaporization process also makes it so that you are the only one that receives your cigarettes "smoke". So there need be no worry of secondhand smoke.

Finally, the third most asked question asked about Electronic cigarettes is, how long does each cigarette cartridge last? Each liquid nicotine cartridge is roughly equivalent to 15 to 20 individual cigarettes. Plus considering, on average, people to smoke less and receive more nicotine using an electronic cigarette than they do with an ordinary cigarette, there is a lot of benefits to switching over. Even if you disregard that information, the price savings on each individual cigarette cartridge is worth making the switch.

Now that you've read this E cigarette FAQs, you should have a better understanding of what exactly an electronic cigarette is and why there are specific benefits to using them over conventional cigarettes. Whether you're trying to minimize your health risks while smoking or simply want to save money, using electronic cigarettes can definitely benefit your health and your wallet.