Common Myths About Smokeless Cigarettes

Smokeless cigarettes are commonly used in place of ordinary cigarettes that emit smoke . They emit a form of vapor that has no odor but has some similarity to smoke. Unlike the ordinary ones, smokeless cigarettes require no combustion for it to function hence minimizes the risk of accidental fires. It has an installed battery that lasts long. In addition, it contains a cartridge that has different forms of flavor thus no form of tar is generated.

Although these advantages about smokeless cigarettes exist, there have been some myths about it. Their main purpose is to help quit smoking and since it is a new product in the market, different forms of myths have come up. This misinformation can turn away people who intend to use the smokeless cigarettes. The following are some of the myths that exist.

Firstly, smokeless cigarettes which are fruit flavored target the young people as a potential market for their products. This is false since fruit flavors are not only intended for young people but also adults like them. This accusation has no basis and can only be seen to hinder the development of the smokeless cigarettes.

Secondly, there has been accusation about its production claiming that it is produced in unsanitary conditions. This is incorrect because the production plant must be up to standard in order for production to take place. These smokeless cigarettes have been certified thus are safe from contamination as it is claimed.

ecigsThere has also been an issue about the safety of e cigs. There have been claims that they are more dangerous compared to the tobacco cigarettes. This is false information since tobacco harms the body in many different ways as compared to the smokeless cigarettes where its users have recorded a tremendous improvement in their health condition. Based on medical facts, there is no proved finding that smokeless cigarettes are dangerous compared to the tobacco ones.

There is a myth about the side effects that are associated with the use of smokeless cigarettes. These cigarettes should not produce any form of side effects. These side effects are commonly mistaken to be new ones but in actual fact they are the withdrawal symptoms that arise due to quitting of tobacco cigarettes.

The issue of random explosion of smokeless cigarettes is also in existence. This is true in some sense since some companies which are unreliable often produce products which are not safe to use. The best way to counter this problem is to check on the reputation of the companies that produce smokeless cigarettes. This will in turn help to avoid the occurrence of these unnecessary accidents.

There has also been debate about the additives in the smokeless cigarettes. Some consider these additives as being toxic to the human body. An example is the vegetable glycerin but these additives have been tested accordingly. This is false information since the additives have been in use for a long time.

Myths are simply opinions that exist in every matter of concern such as in the case of smokeless cigarettes which is a new technology in the market.

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