V2 Cigs –  The #1 E Cig at ONLY $59.95  

V2 Cigs – The #1 E Cig at ONLY $59.95

America's top rated e cig brand, V2 Cigs is being enjoyed by OVER 1 MILLION SATISFIED customers all over the nation. With a brand that's based in the USA, all products are made in FDA-registered manufacturing facilities that ensure all products are safe and made with the highest quality. Offering a wide range of starter kits, different flavors, different nicotine levels, and multiple battery options, V2 Cigs satisfies every customer's needs. With top notch customer service, FREE SHIPPING, and a LIFETIME WARRANTY, V2 Cigs is a risk-free investment that's worth every penny.

Only $59.95
E Cigs Brand – FREE Trial ($4.95 for S&H)  

E Cigs Brand – FREE Trial ($4.95 for S&H)

E Cigs is one of the most popular brands out there, and it's offering a complete FREE Trial Starter Kit to try it-out. Their innovative electronic cigarettes use microchip technology to create a truly realistic vaping experience. The advanced design recreates the exact same feel and flavor of traditional cigarettes, allowing you to smoke almost anywhere. For ONLY $4.95 including shipping and handling, you get 7 Tobacco Flavored Cartridges, Advanced Atomizer, battery, and charger, with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee PLUS a lifetime warranty on all products. HURRY now before supplies run out!

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VaporFi – The Most Advanced E Cig $29.99  

VaporFi – The Most Advanced E Cig $29.99

VaporFi is the newest and freshest addition in the market. Offering the most innovative and advanced e cigs in the market, they offer amazingly long-lasting batteries plus features that include the puff counter. But VaporFi's most impressive feature is its custom blends, allowing you to create up to 30,000 flavors, each VaporFi experience will take you to new heights every time. Offering the highest quality products with the best prices, VaporFi caters to every kind of ecig smoker – whether a novice or an expert, they've got everything covered. MADE 100% IN THE USA, all VaporFi products ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Only $29.99

Millions of people the world over have already switched to electronic cigarettes, which are a better alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Here you will learn more about the finer points of these devices so you can make the best decision for you.

What are E Cigs?

E Cigs, or electronic cigarettes, are battery-charged devices usually designed to feel and look like traditional cigarettes. They are typically filled with propylene glycol and nicotine liquid in varying strengths. Nicotine is a clear, toxic substance, commonly used in making cigarettes. Nicotine is a very addictive substance.

When someone inhales the tobacco smoke, the nicotine present is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and influences the proper functioning of the brain in a matter of seconds. This leads to multiple chemical reactions in the brain that involve neurotransmitters and hormones such as insulin, dopamine and adrenaline. E cigs were invented in 2003 but they found their way into the U.S market four years later. These days, millions of people the world over have embraced the new technology and its popularity continues to rise.

How Do E Cigs Work?

howecigsworkMost of them resemble traditional cigarettes, with a cylindrical pipe, brown filler and red tip. Others have less burnished, darker colors. Unlike regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not use tobacco. They have no tar or any of the many harmful substances found in traditional tobacco smoke. Instead, electronic cigarettes use an e-liquid (nicotine liquid) to generate vapor, which feels and looks like the normal tobacco smoke.

The scientific difference between smoke and vapor is simple. Smoke is produced from burning, resulting in tar, ash and various other waste substances. On the other hand, vapor is the result of heating a liquid gently, like boiling water. No burning is involved when producing vapor by heating an e-liquid and hence, there are no awful by-products or odors produced.

The nicotine liquid is loaded into the cartridge, which attached to a cylindrical battery. Puff the vapor and enjoy your e-cig throughout the day. The end result is a feeling similar to traditional smoking without really worrying about the damaging effects of smoking.

Benefits of E Cigarettes

Switching to E cigs can enhance your life in a number of ways. Below are some of the reasons why you need to consider investing in electronic cigarettes.

  • Less risky: The major advantage of e-cigarettes is that they offer enjoyable nicotine in a manner that imitates the behavioral aspects of smoking without exposing you to the harmful effects of smoking.
  • Get the freedom you need: you can be able to enjoy puffing throughout the day without exposing the people around you with the nasty effects of smoking. Therefore, you can enjoy vaping wherever and whenever you want. Public smoking has been banned in many areas, but E Cigs are normally not subject to these widespread bans. Using electronic cigarettes will give you more freedom to do what suits your personal lifestyle. When it comes to taste, E cigs are available in a variety of flavors for smokers to choose from. Select from various nicotine strengths based on your tolerance and smoking habits.
  • Save Money: heavy taxation and increasing prices combine to make smoking a very expensive habit. However, vapor items often do not attract the same taxation rules as real cigarettes. In addition, you can have the products delivered directly to your doorstep so make the most of free shipping and discount offers available online to save some money.

How E Cigarettes Help People Quit Smoking

For a person who wants to quit smoking, it is highly recommended to make the switch. Using electronic cigarettes offers much the same in terms of health as does stopping smoking.

People are able to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes because these devices allow you to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you inhale. Reducing your dependency on nicotine can be a great way to quit smoking. Start with a medium nicotine level and gradually cut the amount of nicotine level in your e-cig. You may also want to move down to nicotine free vaping if you wish.

Tips To Consider When Looking To Buy E Cigarettes

Buying a good quality e cig requires some soul-searching because not all dealers offer the best quality. There are many different brands, styles and varieties available out there. When looking to buy e cigarettes, be sure to follow these tips:

v2-cigs-starterkitsListen to other customers: While some advertisements have an element of truth in them, more often than not, the manufacturers will add some flashy words to help sell their product. Be sure to read customer testimonials and comments in online forums to get a better idea of what you are buying.

You get what you pay for: The old saying that you do “get what you pay for” has an element of truth when it comes to buying E cigs. Cheap e cigs are produced with substandard materials and generally have poor batteries or atomizers. Spending a little extra cash on a better quality e cig won’t hurt in the end and could even save you some money in the long run.

Buy from trusted manufacturers: while electronic cigarettes are quite new in the industry, some brands are more reputable than others. Buy your electronic cigarettes from the companies that have been reviewed positively on E cig forums.

If you follow these tips when looking to buy electronic cigarettes, you’ll find it easier to locate quality e-cigarettes and stay away from products that are not worth your hard-earned cash. In addition, you can read honest and reliable e cigarette reviews and the top rated brands to purchase here on our website. You can also find e cig free samples to help you make the switch to e cigs.