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Electronic cigarette otherwise commonly known as E-cigs is the new generation invention that seeks to restore the former glory associated with smoking. Currently cigarette smoking ranks ecigaretteamong the world's deadliest hobby of the century, every year smoking related health condition continue to claim millions of lives globally. It is closely related to many chronic degenerative conditions like cancer and hypertension, and myriads of other respiratory conditions. More to that, most smokers have bad dental hygiene; bad breath and stained teeth which could end up stigmatizing regular smokers.

Cigarettes have an active component known as nicotine known to stimulate one mental functions, however, this component is highly addictive, and it is for this reason that when one starts the habit it is usually hard to stop. Nicotine, is also present in tea and coffee, but in smaller amounts than in tobacco: that explains why cigarettes are more addictive than coffee and tea. Tobacco has toxic chemical substances known as carcinogens that studies link to the myriads of health problems.

Electronic cigarette makes smoking a safer habit and more environmental friendly. E-cig seeks to redeem the negative reputation that smoking has amassed over the years.

How does Electronic cigarette work?
Basically nicotine is the addictive component in a traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes emits a nicotine vapor that when inhaled by the user induces the same effect as when
insideofecigsmoking a regular tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarette consist of a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable using a USB charger adapter, the charge can last at least six to eight hours depending on the frequency of smoking and can last for many years if carefully maintained. An Atomizer, which heats up and vaporizes that liquid nicotine. And a nicotine cartridge that holds the nicotine liquid. The nicotine cartridge is available in many flavors essence and nicotine concentrations, this nicotine cartridge is changeable and allows you to buy refills.

Using on of this wonder sticks is quite easy, and pretty much resembles the traditional tobacco cigarette, once turned on, the atomizer is kept on standby ready to vaporize the nicotine in the cartridge, intensity of the puff regulates how much nicotine vapor the E-cig gives. The " smoke" is actually a vapor thus leaves a less carbon footprint than a regular tobacco smoke making it safe for the environment and reduces the risk associated with secondary smoke exposure.

Electronic cigarette is rapidly gaining popularity in America as a safer alternative smoking habit, and first time smokers safer from harmful effects. Electronic cigarettes have been known to help chain smokers to wean off tobacco cigarettes safely without much side effects.

E Cigarette Free Trial Offers – What you ought to know!
trialkitsBesides being significantly cheaper in comparison to tobacco alternatives, many electronic cigarette firms give smokers free trials and e-cig samples. Companies comprehend that smokers are often worry of tobacco options and because the e-cg industry is still very young, a lot of companies provide free trials and e-cigarette samples to new customers. In most circumstances, free e-cigarettes are provided for a given period of time to enable smokers to sample the product. Trial users can opt out at any moment. Customers who do not opt out are often enrolled and become part of a rebuilding program; they are given replacement e-cigarette cartridges on monthly or on weekly basis. Many people enjoy e-cigs so much that they often want to remain in the program and welcome deliveries as opposed to making trips to the store.

Signing for free trials is usually fun; however, do not look away since there is often a catch. When you make an order for e-cigarette, the firm providing the product often put customers in automatic shipping membership, this is often not an issue in most circumstances since you will enjoy the offer and continue to make a purchase. However, if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can cancel the trial period by following a process. If you do not cancel the trial period as per the terms ecigsofferand conditions, your account must be charged as per the agreement you entered into when you were signing up. In most firms, you should revisit the 'terms and conditions' which are often listed below the home page. The terms list all clauses governing trials being offered. In a bid to cancel free trial, you need to call a phone number listed on the page. This phone number is often listed below the 'purchasing the product' part in the terms.

Having knowledge about the 'trial period' listed by companies is crucial. Cancellation can only be done within the trial period before charges are made. This period is often 14 days including time when shipment is done. In all trial programs which come with 'starter kits' the kit must be shipped back upon cancellation. If the kit is not returned within the trial period, the credit card is charged when the time comes to an end. So after making a phone call, return the 'starter kit' forthwith. Numerous companies have their addresses on the website to give customers information on where to return the starter kit. You should definitely take advantage of risk free commitment like these and get to know whether electronic cigarettes are good for you. The top 2 e cigarette brands that offer such free trial offers, can be found below:

1. E Cigs Brand – Try Free, pay just $4.95 for S&H

2. Smoke Star – Try Free, pay just $4.95 for S&H

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